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Dia VanGunten

Writer & Creator of Pink Zombie Rose, a series of graphic novels

"Taking ideas of identity to the breaking point, and beyond, Pink Zombie Rose is the New Magical Realism that I’ve longed for - thundering, American, and very very queer."

- Gwendolyn Harper of Viridian Lit

Red Theme
Pink Zombie Rose is an evolving, rhizomatic collection of texts set in the Detroit metro area and featuring a wide and spectacular cast of characters, places and narratives, absurdist and existentialist intertexts, social commentary, kink, the car industry, rock music, art, psychology and more. The genre-crossing outcome of a decade's worth of research eludes any classification. Parts of the PZR canon will soon be available as graphic novels in the US. Every issue of Open Sewers features one of its short narratives.

- Open Sewers (Berlin) 
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Red Rosary

The ontological majesty of Pink Zombie Rose is mind bending, sexy, neurotic, erotic, violent, terrifying, and the coolest thing you will read this year.  Not Tomb Robbins, PZR speaks the language of the outsider, rendering their – our – narrative central to the otherwise antithetical heteropatriarchial orthodox world.

And reckoning in the most immediate way with our role in the end of days.

- Gwendolyn Harper. reader, writer & editor of Viridian Lit

Apocalyptic, apotheotic, and metempsychotic.  

Fuck Byron.  Meet Aton

Vintage Comic Books

Major Arcana is a collection of 22 Pink Zombie Rose Comics & Stories 

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A writer with remarkable range  

 Art, culture, fashion, feminism, music.

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